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ComposersCloud allows the costless usage of its music for videos on YouTube or equivalent video platforms, as long as you follow their terms of use and acknowledge our work by giving noticeable credit to and the concerning artists.
This includes monetized videos as well.

In both cases you have to acknowledge our work by giving credit to us.

ComposersCloud music in movies, games, advertisement, audio,- or radio-productions

We also allow the usage of our music in other media for non-commercial purposes such as homevideos, videogames or private audio-productions. You can use our music for free, as long as you (or third parties) do not earn money by selling or merchandizing said product.

If you or third parties do profit with said product you will have to individually contact and negotiate the costs with the concerning composer. In that case ComposersCloud will mediate between both parties. Simply contact us via! It is upmost important that we resolve such questions before you publish a commercial project.

(Please note that monetized YouTube-videos are an exception. You are allowed to use our music for monetized or non-monetized YouTube videos without costs or permission.)

In all cases you’ve got to acknowledge our work by giving noticeable credit to and the concerning artists.


We allow non-commercial remixes of our songs. You can get a permission for commercial remixes by individually negotiating with the concerning composer. For further information contact
Third parties must not display our music or graphics as their own work.

Third parties are not allowed to provide own downloads for our music without permission.

Giving credit (example)

Music downloaded at:


(If the artists allow to be credited in an other way you may link their Soundcloud or YouTube profiles etc.. has to be mentioned anyway.)


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